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Maxi Auto Repair Inc. Kissimmee, FL
B&W did a wonderful job on my Mazda MPV. The van was completely trashed when I bought it at a local dealer only auction. They saw the van and did not hesitate to tackle this big job. After they were done with it the odor was gone, the interior was no longer black, and I was able to sell it for its true value. Thank you B&W for your stellar service. They are definitely worth a try.

George Dennaoui, Fun Spot
Wow, this looks great. I'm impressed.

Nick Taylor, Sign-A-Rama, Kissimmee
Thanks you both for buffing those scratches out. The customer was really happy to notice that we had taken care of it and they couldn't even find them??? Nice one guys.

David Carter, Kissimmee
I contacted B&W by phone I asked about having my 1999 Chevy Tahoe detailed and carpet shampooed it was really dirty and soiled they came out to my job an they stayed and worked on my truck for a couple hours the Tahoe had been listed for sale for a while had plenty of lookers but no one was buying, After the detail a guy looked at my truck and it sold the same day. B&W are awesome and I want to thank them for their hard work.

Keith and Adrian Bruno
You came out to my workplace and detailed my son Adrian's car for his 25th birthday. To say he was excited when he saw the results would be an understatement. We both marveled in how his car looked after you were done applying the well-known B&W magic. The paint was moderately oxidized and now looks as good as new. I am always amazed at how good all of our vehicles look after you are done with them. Keep up the great work.

Leigh Dexter, Premier Pool Service
My vehicle had never been cleaned for 3 years - You could grow seeds in the grime and dirt on the paintwork which was flat and had lost all its luster. B&W detailed my Beetle (one of the worst they had ever attempted) and it is now gleaming both inside and out. So much so that it looks almost as it would have just being driven off the showroom floor. I now have renewed respect for my vehicle, and it is all thanks to Wanda and Buster.

David & Arlene Brown
A New Car? Imagine coming home from a long trip and finding a brand new car in your garage! That's the feeling we had when we returned recently and found our car looking showroom new! We had completely forgotten that just before we left we had asked Buster and Wanda of B&W Auto Detailing to work their magic. The car we had been driving on the trip was pretty beat after a long drive during Lovebug season, so we parked it, got out our "brand new" car and sported about. Oh, and the first call we made? We asked Buster and Wanda to come over and take care of the other car - and so should you!

Alex De Jorge, Kissimmee
I have used B&W Mobile Auto Detailing for a while now and it amazes me as to the quality of the service I continue to receive from them. Today I got my car detailed to remove heavy oxidation from the paint as well as the interior. When they finished with my vehicle, it looked brand new. Keep in mind that this is a 2004 Toyota Sienna with 130,000 miles and 4 kids. At first, the paint looked outdated and dull but now is back to showroom quality. I highly recommend anyone that is looking to have their vehicle detailed the right way to give them a call. Not everyone out there can detail a vehicle with the quality that I get from them.

John McLoughlin
I am very pleased to give Buster & Wanda from B&W Auto Detailing Inc a testimonial for their services on my vehicle today. I purchased my Range Rover Sport six months ago and have never had it professionally detailed before. Each time I have taken it back to the dealership for servicing they have washed it for me.

Today after Buster & Wanda finished with my vehicle I noticed the difference between just washing a vehicle and detailing a vehicle. They have brought it back to its original beauty from when I fist saw it in the showroom. Being a black vehicle it generally shows up all the dirt and scratches very quickly. Just like the racehorse my vehicle is now Black Beauty again.

I would truly recommend that if you value all the hard earned money that you have paid for your vehicle that you move away from the car wash and move towards B&W Auto Detailing in the future.

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